How to connect HP Printer to Apple Laptop?

HP printers are one of the widely used printing machines globally. Users with Mac device generally stuck up with connecting printer with the laptop. A secured device is always preferable, especially by the users who are concerned about their data and Macintosh devices are best known for their security features. On a contrary, the features sometime become a bit more complex for its users to understand what to do next. Whether it is related to some internal changes or need to connect external device. When it comes on connecting, HP printer with an Apple laptop, users may face issues.

connect hp printer to apple laptop

If you want to connect your HP printer with your Apple laptop, here is the easiest way to do so. Find the steps below and learn what you need to do. You can also get HP support assistant to help you make the changes and connections required.

Steps to connect your HP printer to Mac laptop:

  1. Turn on your Apple laptop and click the “Apple” icon
  2. Select ‘Software Update’ This will diagnose if there is any missed HP printer updates
  3. Turn on your HP printer by pressing and connect it with your Apple laptop using the provided USB cable
  4. Now, click ‘Apple’ icon again and choose System preferences
  5. Press ‘Print and Scan’ button
  6. Click ‘+’ icon and explore. Here, you may need to type the administrator name and password
  7. Select your HP printer model from the appeared list that you want to connect with your laptop
  • In case your printer model is not listed in the directory, get help from HP support to resolve the issue
  1. Click “Add” and your HP printer and it will be connected to your Apple laptop

You have successfully connected the printer with the laptop. However, if you fail to make proper steps and connections, you can call on HP Printer Assistant number, which is accessible 24*7. By this mode, you can directly communicate with a professional. Whenever you make any change in printer settings, try to take a print or execute any other task to check if the change has been implemented or not.

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