How to fix the error during HP Printer software installation?

Most of the times we come across with a driver issue while installing the software on the computer. It commonly says that your computer is unable to identify the printer driver. In that case, just make sure that you manually select the printer driver using Device manager and also connect with HP Printer Assistant.

error during installation hp printer software

OK! Let’s understand the solution given below in brief:

  1. Go to the windows taskbar and click ‘Start’ icon and then go to the ‘Control Panel’
  2. When ‘Control panel’ opens, select ‘System & Maintenance’ and then ‘Device Manager’
  3. When ‘Device Manager’ Windows opens, select ‘View’ followed by ‘Show Hidden Devices’ on the drop-down menu.
  4. Now, one list appears in the ‘Device Manager’ window
  5. Hit the Plus (+) sign next to ‘Printers’ to enlarge the listing.
  6. Now right click ‘HP Universal Printing PCL_5’ from the listing and then hit ‘Update Driver Software’. One screen is displayed
  7. Hit ‘Browse my computer from driver software’ from the update driver software screen and then hit ‘Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer’. After clicking, one screen displays saying that ‘Add Printer Wizard’
  8. Now, select your printer driver from the list and then hit ‘Next’.
  9. Now the driver installation process starts

Note: Make sure that you do not select the wrong printer on the ‘Add Printer Wizard Screen’

  1. After completing the installation process, hit ‘Close’ in order to close the ‘Update Driver Software’
  2. Now the original Software installer window displays, and the software installation resumes automatically
  3. After completing the software installation, hit ‘Finish’

If you want more assistant regarding error during installation hp printer software or driver issues, you can call the HP Support assistant Number and you will get the resolution.

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