How do I uninstall HP Support Assistant from My Laptop?

HP support assistant is a crucial tool for Windows operating systems as it reduces users’ effort to check and install updates. Commonly, the support assistant comes pre-installed in an older version of Windows OS. However, updated versions may not come with an existing HP support assistant.

uninstall hp support assistant

On the contrary, cases may arise where you need to uninstall HP support assistant from your laptop. A few cases are listed below.

Errors that may require you to uninstall HP support assistant:

  • Laptop cannot detect HP Printer even when the support assistant is available
  • Cannot load available updates
  • Printer offline error
  • Error message: Printer not found or connected
  • Printer driver missing
  • HP printer driver is not compatible with your HP printer model

 You can choose to uninstall HP support assistant from your laptop if you are seeing any difficulty while performing any action. On the other hand, you can also try HP print and scan doctor to check if it works. By only visiting the official HP support website, you can install HP print & scan doctor, and run the program. If you are still facing any problem thereafter, proceed to uninstall the support assistant from your laptop or computer.

 Please note that the steps may a very as per your operating system and its updated version.

How to uninstall hp support assistant from my Laptop?

  1. Open Control panel
  2. Click ‘Program’ > Uninstall Program
  3. Select ‘HP support assistant’ from the directory
  4. Click-Right on the icon and select ‘Uninstall’
  5. Allow permission to uninstall the program when you see the confirmation
  6. You can also read the steps from official site –

Once you successfully uninstall HP support assistant from your PC, make sure to reinstall the accurate version from the official source. Only then, you will be able to perform any task with a printer using your HP Laptop. The above steps are applicable for a computer as well with various versions of Windows operating system.

Regardless of the manual steps, if you see any issue meanwhile, reach for expert tech support team for assistance.

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