How to download & install HP Power Assistant?

For those who purchased a new HP computer, HP Power Assistant is a power management tool introduced by Hewlett Packard for a selected range of PCs and notebooks. The tool enabled HP users to change configuration system settings and operating settings, to optimise the battery life and administer the power consumption for your computer.

hp power assistant

Although, Power usage mainly depends on your computing needs, Power Assistant provides you with the right tool and information to make an insightful decision on how to manage your power requirements.

Some of the notable features of HP Power Assistant

  • HP Power Assistant offers several alternatives to manage your power consumption.
  • It allows you to adjust notebook’s battery settings as per your power usage.
  • Power consumption prediction in hypothetical system configuration.
  • When the notebook is plugged to AC adaptor, the program indicates the power reading in watts, as well as the battery status, displays an estimate of the remaining battery power charge.
  • Predefined Power profiles to help users see how current settings affect notebook’s power consumption.
  • Power Assistant displays graphs and details indicating battery charge and power consumption trends over time
  • You can change power settings to stretch the battery life.

HP Power Assistant installer

You can easily access the latest version of HP Power Assistant for Windows 10 download from HP’s software library. The latest versions are compatible with Windows 10, Vista, XP, etc. The program lies within the system utilities when you purchase Hewlett-Packard computer. HP Power Assistant is a web-based application that enables users to manage Power Settings.

Here are some of the frequent file names to indicate HP Power Assistant Installer.

  • HPPowerManager.exe
  • Wizlink.exe
  • HPSF.exe
  • hpDST.exe
  • hpqSSupply.exe

Steps for HP Power Assistant windows 10 download and installation

Such programs are pre-installed by the manufacturer when delivering HP computer to the end user. However, such preinstalled programs have limited functions and features. If you wish, you can download the latest versions of Power Assistant via HP Support Assistant Website.

  1. Go to the and download the HP Power Assistant
  2. Once the download is complete, locate the file in the browser download history and double-click the .exe file to execute the installation process
  3. Install shield wizard for HP Power Assistant will open on your screen
  4. Read end User license agreement and click on “I Agree” to accept the terms and conditions
  5. Change the folder location if you want
  6. Click “Next” to install it and follow the instruction displaying on screen

  Steps for HP Power Assistant Uninstall

Like many other programs installed on your HP computer, you can perform HP Power Assistant uninstall by using the Add/Remove program feature in the Windows control panel

  1. Go to the “Start Menu” option at the left bottom of the screen and navigate to the “Control Panel” tab
  2. From the “Control Panel” tab, then click to the “Uninstall Program” option
  3. Click on the HP Power Assistant Program from the list of programs
  4. Click on the option “Remove” or “Change/Remove” Program on the right-hand side of the program
  5. Follow the on-screen directions, a progress bar will indicate the remaining time for HP Power Assistant Uninstall.

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