How to get rid of a Computer Virus?

Every device is prone to the virus that is why there is a need to install or download an antivirus in your devices to prevent the data loss. Before discussing how you can get rid of the computer virus. It is important for you to understand what is a computer virus?

computer virus

A computer virus is a piece of code or a program, which is capable enough to replicate itself and hampers your computer in many ways such as corrupting the system or destroying your data. The computer virus is designed to spread from one host to another. A virus thus operates by inserting or attaching itself to a program or document and hence destroys the system software.

How do computer viruses spread?

In the world which is constantly connected, it is very common to contract a computer virus. Viruses can be spread through attachments in the emails, text messages or while downloading a file from the Internet, or social media links from random websites. The virus can also affect your smartphones and mobile devices, it happens when you download some shady applications.

Viruses are those hidden elements which come via attachments of socially shareable content such as funny images, greeting cards, audios or videos.

What are the signs of a computer virus?

There are varieties of computer virus symptoms and these can be measured as follows:

  1. Frequent pop-up windows: Pop-ups may encourage you to visit unusual sites unnecessarily.
  2. Changes to your homepage: Your homepage will change into another website and you won’t be able to make the changes or to reset it.
  3. Hacked email account: a hacker may send emails from your mail id.
  4. Frequent crashes: A virus can crash your hard drive
  5. Computer performance is slow: a sudden change in the processing speed, it becomes slow.
  6. Unfamiliar programs that startup when you turn on your computer
  7. Unusual activities like password changes

The HP PC’s and tablets with Windows 10 or Windows 8 are prone to get affected by viruses or Malware. The hp support assistant virus will help you to remove viruses from your HP devices. There are dozens of viruses, software programs and security threat that can harm your Windows computer and allows your private information accessed by others.

By following the below-mentioned steps from HP support assistant virus can be prevented to intervene in your HP devices:-

  1. Turn on a Firewall: The Firewall will provide basic protection against the security concerns before connection to the internet.
  2. Obtain Windows Security updates:
  3. Check your virus scanner software for correct configuration
  4. Install antivirus software
  5. Update antivirus software definitions
  6. Scan for viruses and malware

7.    Remove virus or malware by recovering the computer: If the files are completely damaged by the virus, the PC needs to be recovered.

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