HP Printer in Error State

Sometimes, HP machines could give you a long-standing headache as they are easy to operate but not for first-timers. For people, who brought their first HP printer, might find it difficult to install the device with their computer or laptop. However, things could get from bad to worse, if you are faced with errors while setting up your device.

hp printer in error state

In case, your HP printer Status exhibits “HP Printer in Error State”, it means there is something stopping your printer to operate. There might be some problems with your using printer itself. To get rid of such hurdles, you need to understand the core of the issue first. Check if ink cartridges or paper tray are not installed properly, check if there is any connection issue, turn-on your printer and check if cables are plugged right.

The problem might be anything, but if you perform these basic guidelines, there is a high probability that you may resolve the issue. However, if the problem remains unsolved, then contact HP Support Services to discuss the issue with tech-specialists for error specific solutions. HP Printer in error state Windows 10 often displays with HP Printers that are connected with Windows PC as the majority of people use Windows 10 OS with HP Machines.

Guidelines to resolve the issue “HP Printer in Error State”

No need to be disappointed even if you failed several times to eliminate the issue from your HP machines, there are some basic yet effective solutions available to fix the error. So, don’t get upset as we know that every single problem has some specific solution but it requires devotion and will power to explore those solutions.

How do I fix printer in error state?

Connectivity Issue

If the status of your Envy model printer displays “HP envy printer in error state” you need to check the connectivity status between your computer and printer. If everything seems fine and the connections are properly established, then run a test print job.

Reboot your Printer

If you’re using LaserJet printer, rebooting the printer and devices connected to it can resolve the issue “Printer in error state HP LaserJet”. Turn-off the printer for a while and restart it to check if the problem is resolved or not.

Check if your Printer is Online or Offline:

Perform the steps to find out if your printer is online or offline.

  1. Take your mouse pointer to the “Start Menu” and select “Control Panel” option
  2. Go to “Devices and Printers” section
  3. Check if your HP printer is online or offline. If it shows online, then the status will display as “Ready”
  4. If not, then click right on Printer and select the option that says “Use Printer Online” to set the online status.
  5. This will change the display as “Ready”

To conclude

Make sure to load the paper accurately and ink cartridge indicates full. You need to turn off your printer to load the papers and wait for a while until your HP printer is ready to use. Check the status if it stills displays “HP Printer in error State”.

Also, make sure to have installed all the HP Printer drivers including HP Printer Assistant. If the same error still appears, then don’t lose the hope. Contact HP Support to discuss the issue with Tech-specialists to get a proper solution.

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