How do I setup HP Sprocket with phone to get instant prints?

HP has a range of innovative printing machines that have always helped people to get better prints and experience. And such a smart creation is of HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer that gives you the freedom to print anywhere, anytime. Besides the products and printers, the organization stays always ahead when it comes to supporting its users and therefore, one can connect directly with their executives via HP support assistant and know about any HP device.

hp sprocket photo printer

Now, with the help of HP sprocket photo printer, you can take pints of pictures from your Smartphone by selecting them from the camera roll or even via online. This pocket printer has a rechargeable battery that allows you to print up to 30 pictures per charge. Not only the printer is efficient but it also gives high-quality prints, which is the major concern of all the users.

The complexity starts when you begin to setup HP Sprocket Photo printer. In case you have recently purchased the printer and have encountered any errors during the setup, better would be to get help using HP printer assistant. You can also try the following steps.

How do I start printing with HP Sprocket Photo printer?

  1. Open Google Play store, download and Install HP sprocket app
  2. Turn on the fully charged HP sprocket photo printer
  3. Enable/ turn on Bluetooth option on your Android phone
  4. Tap on the HP sprocket app icon and select a startup option
  5. Proceed with the next step
  6. Select a photo from your phone’s gallery or memory
  7. Display the image and expand options
  8. Select Print icon or option or if you do not see a print option, click Share
  9. In the option, select Via Bluetooth
  10. Select HP sprocket printer from the list
  • Connect the device if it is not on the list
  • If you fail to connect the printer with your phone, get help via HP printer assistant and the executive will guide you
  1. Proceed and collect the printout

You have made successful changes. You can start enjoying high-quality prints. In contrary, when you encounter any error during the setup, allow your HP printer assistant to fix the issue.

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