HP Support Assistant Download

HP Support Assistant is in-built support platform for your PCs and Printers featured by Windows Operating System. This feature allowed users to maintain their HP devices with automated support, updates and fixes. HP Support Assistant download is available on new HP desktop and PCs. You can install the software on your PC from other manufacturers for easy access to support services, resources and tools for HP devices and PCs.

HP Support Assistant Download For Windows 10

HP Support Assistant download can help keep your HP-powered PCs and other devices in the functional mode without interrupting its operations. HP Support Assistant optimizes your computer performance, resolves common issues by finding updates and provides you with troubleshooting tools and automated fixes.

The latest version of HP Support Assistant is compatible and customized for Hewlett Packard computers. Install free driver updater utility tool helps you detect outdated drivers on your HP computers and install the latest versions of drivers directly from the HP official website.

For instance, Audio check can diagnose and help you check and fix issues if you are having difficulty in hearing sound from your computer.

HP users can troubleshoot any of the issues given below via HP Support Assistant for Windows 7, 10

  1. An exclamation mark displayed on HP Support Assistant icon
  2. Error: HPSF.exe file has not continued working
  3. Difficulty in updating HP Support Assistant download or installing updates via HP Support Assistant
  4. You computer might wake up from sleep mode automatically by HP Support Assistant
  5. Games, movies or TV are not working properly due to HP Support Assistant
  6. Interruptions in opening HP Support Assistant automatically
  7. HP Support Assistant is suspended while "gathering information"
  8. Uninstalling HP Support Assistant
  9. HP Support Assistant not opening

HP support Assistant free download is available through HP official website to help you experience the power of HP Support Assistant and provides you an access point for software updates, Product information, online classes and HP contact information.

For Business users, go to Using HP Softpag Download Manager to access a quick and easy way to Download HP Support Assistant and driver updates for their PCs and HP devices. You can install the latest version of HP Support Assistant to quickly get expert help in servicing your HP computers.

How to check for updates in HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant is an application created to offer you automatic and immediate support for your HP desktop and printers. Performance tune-up check can optimize your system to help improve the overall performance, analyze and maintain Windows on your PC in a simple and time-efficient manner.

HP Support Assistant comes in-built with your HP computers to automatically find and install the latest updates on your PC.

Please note that HP continuously makes updates to HP Support Assistant. To download and install latest version, go to HP Support Assistant download website.

  1. In Windows, find out and open HP Support Assistant on the desktop
  2. On my devices tab, find your computer and click for Updates
  3. Tap on ‘click to latest updates and messages’ to find out latest updates
  4. Patiently wait until HP Support Assistant finishes the searching
  5. If new updates are available, click the check box next to each update, and then click download and install updates
  6. When HP Support Assistant finishes, close the tool


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