Privacy Policy

HP Support Assistant's privacy policy recognizes the significance of security, privacy, and data protection of our consumers and associates worldwide. This policy clearly states how we collect data, when we collect data, what measures we take for the security of your data, how we share data, and where we store your data.

Being one of the renowned tech organizations, we truly respect your privacy and hence, adopt all required security measures to keep it protected. Also, we keep everything transparent by maintaining a legal record of our policies. Every piece of information and data you share with our technicians while availing our round the clock support services, is kept securely on our servers. Our privacy principles are:

  • Transparency and Authenticity
  • Data Integrity and Reasonable Data Access
  • Total Data Protection

How we use data?

HP Support Assistant collects and uses data to improve your experience and manage your relationship with us. By the collection of data, we ensure an improved transaction support, administrative communication, product support, business operations, advertising, and more.

What Data we collect?

While rendering our support services, we may ask you to provide your personal information for the purpose of verification. The collection of information depends on your nature of interaction with our experts. We ask you for:

  • Payment info
  • Demographic info
  • Contact info
  • Social media
  • Location Info
  • Security credential info
  • Identifying info

Information that gets automatically accumulated

  • Performance data
  • Web browsing data
  • Product usage data
  • Device data
  • Aggregated data

Please note that we may also collect data from third-parties. This data may include data from our partners, social media networks, advertising networks, and analytics providers.

What if you do not provide the data?

It is not necessary to share the data that we request, however, if you wish to do so you might not be able to receive full customer support you are looking for.

How we maintain your data security?

HP Support Assistant believes that your data and its privacy are highly important. Therefore, we opt advanced security measures to prevent data loss and its unauthorized access. While accumulating, transferring, or storing your sensitive information, we choose to implement the latest security technologies and procedures that ensure data protection as well as data integrity.

How we share your data?

We may share your data to other HP entities for the purpose of Privacy Statement. We share the same only, when applicable to provide you some information you have asked for.

Cookies and Cache

We may use your system cookies, if you choose to save the password of our website. This is only for the purpose of improving your experience on your next visit to our site. We have no liability to the cookies and other information that other third-party websites collect.


HP Support Assistant keeps on making the required changes and implanting new updates to this privacy policy. So, it is recommended to check the privacy policy before you avail our services.


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