HP Support Assistant

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Located in the blue question mark in the taskbar, HP Support Assistant is a utility on the HP computer systems, which aids in avoiding and troubleshooting the common issues through updates and self-help options. The specialized utility program has the built-in support for PCs as well as printers. HP Support Assistant is responsible for keeping your system in order by automatically scanning for the updates and offering a plethora of troubleshooting tools to fix the bugs. If your system seems sluggish, HP Performance Tune-up, a part of HP Support Assistant comes into action and optimizes your device to boost its performance. The Assistant also renders round the clock Hewlett Packard support to organize your connected HP devices straight from the My Devices section.

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  • Heating up
  •  Laptop running slowly
  •  Battery doesn't last
  •  No internet
  •  Black Screen
hp assistant
  • Heating up
  •  Laptop running slowly
  •  Battery doesn't last
  •  No internet
  •  Black Screen
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  • hp support assistantHeating up
  • hp support Laptop running slowly
  • hp support Number Battery doesn't last
  • hp support assistant No internet
  • hp support assistant Black Screen


Key features and functionalities of

Latest styles- Along with simple-to-use user interface, HP Support Assistant has new features in different style

Automatic Improvements- HP Support Assistant performs thousands of checks to improve the overall performance of your printer and computer system

Customized HP Support- HP support services are available 24*7 so that a user can connect to an expert, in case of the occurrence of any error. All you have to do is create a new ID or sign in using your existing username and password. After the successful login, you would be able to access all device added to the HP Support Assistant. Moreover, you can also check the available as well as the subscribed services listed under the My Services tab.

Automatic fixes- HP Support Assistant not just scans and detects the bugs, but it also fixes them out immediately without requiring for a human intervention.

Automatic Updates- With auto-firmware and driver updates, HP Support Assistant ensures smooth workflow by improving the performance of your device and printer connected to it. Moreover, you also get a plethora of options and exciting features to install the updates automatically.

How to download HP Support Assistant?

To download the HP Support Assistant, follow the below-given instructions:

1. Visit the official website of HP

2. Click the Magnifying glass (available in the top right corner of the screen), which will display the search bar

3. Type HP Support Assistant and hit Enter

4. On the next web page, you will find a button in the top right corner to download HP Support Assistant

4. On the next web page, you will find a button in the top right corner to download HP Support Assistant

6. A setup will be automatically downloaded

7. Once the download finishes, click that setup file to run the setup

8. Follow the onscreen instructions to install HP Support Assistant

How to modify or edit schedule and notification settings?

1. Open HP Support Assistant and go to Settings

2. From the Schedule section, change the required settings

3. From the Notification section, change the required settings

How to update the computer system using HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant automatically installs the latest updates, updates drivers and other required utilities. To manually update your device, follow these instructions:

1. Open the menu and go to My Devices

2. From the My PC or My Notebook pane, hit Updates

3. Check for the updates and messages

  • If the update scan result shows some updates with a yellow information icon, then these are the recommended updates
  • Updates with the blue icon are optional

4. Choose the box in front of the update to initiate the installation process

5. Hit download and install

6. You can also choose from the other options available with the updates

  • Postpone an update
  • Review update status
  • Delete an available update

How to fix computer issues with HP Support Assistant?

1. Go to My Devices

2. Hit Troubleshoot and Fixes (Option available in My Notebook or My PC pane)

3. Select one of the options, which you believe relevant to the problem you are facing

3. Type HP Support Assistant and hit Enter

4. Fetch other resources along with the troubleshooting tools on the following tabs:

  • Internet and Security
  • Storage
  • Specifications

How to turn off the HP Support Assistant?

If you are facing some trouble with the HP Support Assistant and don’t want to use it then follow the below-given steps to disable the same:

1. Launch the program by double-clicking the icon

2. Visit the Settings section

3. From the Health Analysis Tab, check the Frequency drop-down menu

4. Choose Never and then Never Check for Updates

5. Hit the Tune-Up tab and then "Tune-Up Schedule: Frequency" drop-down menu

6. Now choose "Never”

How to add another HP system to HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant works flawlessly with HP printers and computer systems. Install HP Printer Assistant for better compatibility. The only thing you need to take care of is that the printer should be connected to the same network your computer system is connected with. And, if you want to add another HP device to the Support Assistant then follow these steps:

1. Make sure the device you are going to add is in the ready state

2. Also, ensure that the device is connected to the same local network

3. Now, open the My Devices tab

4. Hit Add an HP device

5. To view the list of devices that can be added, click Detect my Device

6. Moreover, you can also choose Manually add my device (For this, make sure you have the product as well as the serial number)

7. Select your device name and give a nickname to your newly added device

8. Hit Add to my devices

9. You are good to go!

Key points to consider while downloading the HP Support Assistant

1. Make sure you download the latest version of HP Support Assistant

2. If a previous version of the Support Assistant is already installed on your device then uninstall it using the right procedure

3. Always download this specialized program from the official website of the Hewlett Packard

4. In case of any downloading or installation error, avail the Hewlett Packard support immediately by contacting the official HP support number

5. Users having a HP laptop must install HP laptop Support via Hewlett Packard Website.

*For further information on HP Support Assistant, ask an expert by calling the official HP support number, which remains active all day long.